A minor update

Well, I’ve written a small plugin that will allow you to use LaTeX in comments. To use this, put the code between $latex $. Right now it’s very basic, so you can’t use the $ sign within the LaTeX code (but I can’t imagine why you’d ever need to). If people don’t like the tags, I suppose I can change them. I picked these tags because those are what Xot tried to use in a comment earlier (which I deleted, so you can’t see it).

4 Responses to “A minor update”

  1. Yourself says:

    Of course it works! You might also notice that I’ve changed the theme. It’s a theme that comes packaged with WordPress, so it’s not original. I’d still like to have something that’s a little more personalized. I made a Lorenz Attractor plot the other day as a potential element to some kind of banner image. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but here it is:

    Lorenz Attractor

    Naturally I used Mathematica.

  2. xot says:

    Sure, blame me.  \LaTeX